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Glasses are a fashionable item now.    But here are some tips and tricks for those of us that have to wear them.


When left in the heat your frames can warp, the heat expands the frame and it will no longer fit.  The heat also can damage the coatings on your lenses.  Anti-reflective and scratch coatings can crack or becomes crazed.  So take your glasses with you and do not leave them in your hot car.!

Glasses are not head-bands.  We have all put our glasses on our heads at one time or another.  But wearing your glasses on your head can stretch out the frame causing them to not fit properly.  And secondly the oils and products you use in your hair can buildup deposits that get in the grooves of your glasses and are hard to clean.  Then the hair rubbing on your lenses will scratch your lenses over time.   So try to put your glasses in your eye glass case when your not wearing them to protect your frame and lenses!


Now everyone who wears glasses is always frustrated by having your glasses fog up when its cold outside.  But someone discovered the dish soap can help with this problem.  Put lotion free dish soap on your lenses, and gently remove the excess soap after it has dried.  The dish soap chemicals create a coating that stops your lenses from fogging up.  Give it a try!  (Avoid dish soaps with vinegar, ammonia and bleach which can destroy your lens coatings)


When removing your glasses get in the habit of using both hands to take them off.  This will prevent them from loosening up.


Nail polish remover works for those little screws that keep loosening up on your glasses over time.  Just put a dab of nail polish on the screw threads and that will seal it in.


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